What is CLEAR?

We are obsessed with fixing the "broken" middle & back office systems of commodity brokers, traders, and FCM’s.

for Brokers

CLEAR PROTOCOL is an operating system for brokers. CLEAR removes all the headaches of running a brokerage from daily confirms to tracking monthly collections. We'll even factor your invoices so you can get paid on the 5th business day of the month.

Most notably, it’s scalable.

Clear For Brokers

for Traders

CLEAR PROTOCOL for Traders is reconciliation software as a service. We specialize in brokerage invoices, exchange fees, and FCM fees.

Clear For Traders

for FCM's

CLEAR PROTOCOL for FCM’s allows allocation, confirmation and integration for multiple IB’s.

Who has ownership of your data?

Silicon Valley

The prevalent model VC's have backed is a barter system. Users can pay with either money or data. GDPR, Security breaches of large custodians (Facebook, Equifax, UBER) show how precarious that model is.



CLEAR PROTOCOL views data as a liability to avoid, rather than an asset to accumulate. CLEAR PROTOCOL is not a Data Custodian. We allow the user to select their preferred Data Custodian with either themselves or a cloud provider, and restrict access.

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